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Cody Nicely's Art


Where love for marine biology merges with glass art.

Dive into 20+ years of sculpting with molten glass. Cody’s wide array of creatures and seascapes offers a glimpse of what the ocean has to offer.


Whether you’ve explored the ocean yourself or fantasize about a shoreside adventure, these one of a kind artworks capture what we love most about marine life. 


If you would like to collect an original piece or commission something unique please reach out here.


The origin story

My first experience with glass was in Murano, Italy, as a 13 year old. One of the local masters gave me a private lesson showing me how to make a horse. Planting his tools into my hand, he guided me through the motions of how to use shape and sculpt. That experience left an impression on me, and I looked for glass as a medium in the future. 


When I went to Wittenberg University, I found a small glass program at the Springfield Museum of Art. I quickly became involved in the program to learn more about glassblowing. Once I was comfortable with the medium, I approached the Faculty and administration to create the first glassblowing major at my college. They agreed and I filed for grants to support my interest. I ended up creating the first glassblowing major at my school. 


I originally went to school to become a Marine Biologist, but once I found the passion for glass, I ended up merging my passion for the ocean and glass together. After graduating with a BA in Glass Art I started my business and haven't looked back since. 


I have had my work in galleries and shows nationwide. Come see me at my upcoming shows at the Festival of Arts and Sawdust Arts & Crafts Festival both in Laguna Beach, California.

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